A downloadable game for Windows

Currently in pre-alpha development

N.U.T.Z. is a non-linear action platformer game that is inspired by classics such as Megaman, Contra and Metroid.

The player controls a single character on screen that can carry a variety of different weapons and abilites. The character can freely aim and attack in a 360 radius, allowing the player full freedom on how they play. The player characters have their own unique playstyle and abilities to explore the world with and fight their way through waves of enemies.

As of the current moment we have 2 player character in the game. Sil the squirrel is a range focused character the wields an arsenal of unique heavy weapons  Saya the fox is a melee focused and aggressive character with great mobility that uses her katana as her primary means of attack.

What you see here is currently a vertical slice of the game. We certainly want N.U.T.Z. to be the best game it can be and we have ideas that would enhance it beyond the base game we've presented so far. Some stretch goals and plans include:

New game +
Boss Rush mode
Fully voiced characters and un intrusive dialogue.
Co-op and versus multiplayer (local and internet)
Ports to consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch, PS4, XboxOne
Localizations to different languages

We also currently support both mouse-keyboard and gamepad-controller setups.

The story:

Planet Zarda had long forgotten the horrors of war and instability. Its inhabitants from its provinces have united under one banner in the name of peace and have crafted a world utopia. Centuries of peace have lead to partial disarmament and have long done away with improving or maintaining their military power.

The peace was not to last.

The sudden invasion of the nomadic reptilian invaders known as the Saurian Horde catches the defense force of the planet off guard. They aren't prepared to fight a proper military force that has been fighting for centuries. The objective of this alien menace? To strip bare the planet and ether consume, enslave or eradicate the populace.

During the initial waves of the planetary attack Sil and Saya, our game's protagonists come under attack at an outpost. With their comrades dead and the defense forces in disarray they take the fight to the enemy themselves and reorganize the planet's defense force.

Download demo

NUTZ-MayPublicBuild.zip 94 MB

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